Emergency hotline for victims of sexual assault

1202: Women | 1203: Men

04-6566813: Arab Women | 02-6730002: Religious Women | 02-5328000: Religious Men
Open for calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week


Rape crisis centers were established to provide practical and emotional support for both female and male survivors of rape and sexual assault - to guide them through the difficult path they inevitably take following their assault. Ta’ir Rape Crisis Center (Ta'ir) provides emotional support and accompaniment for survivors of rape and sexual assault, non-judgmentally, and with absolute anonymity.

Support for survivors of sexual violence is provided through: a Hotline staffed by volunteers 24/7, 365 days a year; meetings with Ta'ir's support staff to aid in mapping each survivor's needs, and referral to relevant services in the community; accompanying survivors in the criminal justice process as well as the civil courts and/or submitting a claim to the Israeli National Insurance Institute for a rehabilitation stipend; and support groups for survivors.

In addition, Ta'ir holds study-days, group instruction, and training for professionals in the fields of therapy, welfare, law and health - in order to improve and make more accessible the treatment for survivors of sexual assault in the area.


Volunteers operate the Hotline 24/7, all year round.The Hotline number – 1202 or 08-9496020.

The Hotline allows callers an open and nonjudgmental conversation, and if they so choose, anonymously. The callers choose what they would like to share, and what support they want to ask for - all in order to help them reclaim their lives.

The Hotline provides emotional as well as practical support, and it supplies survivors with information regarding their rights, and helps mediate between survivors and local existing services.

Families and/or friends of survivors of sexual assault also consult the Hotline, as well as educators, social workers, or other professionals who turn to us for advice, information, referrals and support.

Annually, volunteers and the support staff at Ta'ir receive some 4,500 calls.

An average of 3 new cases reach Ta'ir each day. 


In cases of sexual assault, many questions arise before filing a complaint with the police:

“Should I report the assault / do I need to report it?”

“Will they believe me? Why would they believe me? How would they believe me?”

“What should I expect at the police station?”

“Do I need a lawyer?”

“Does the Statute of Limitations apply?” (criminal and/or civil)

At Ta’ir Rape Crisis Center, we can:


  • Meet with you and explain the process you will undergo at the police station, if and when you decide to file a complaint.
  • Accompany you to the police station in order to file a complaint, remaining present while you file the complaint.
  • Accompany and guide you through the legal process at the State Attorney’s office and in court, if you should so choose, including being present when you testify in court.
  • Even if you have already filed a complaint with the police, we can guide and support you through the remainder of the process, including enquiring as to the progress of the prosecution/police.
  • While the offender is serving his time in prison – we will assist you by enquiring with the prison authorities regarding vacations, prison sentence cutting, and early release.
  • In the event the court rules in your favor and you are to receive monetary compensation, we can assist you in the process of securing the funds from the Central Collection Authority.
  • When the offender completes his sentence in prison, we will help you, if necessary, file a request to prevent him from relocating near your home or work.
  • Help you file a claim for general disability status as a victim of sexual assault from the Israeli National Insurance Institute (filling out forms, collecting material, and accompaniment to the committees).
  • Assist and accompany you, if you so choose, to file a civil claim for damages against the offender/s.


Ta’ir provides long-term accompaniment throughout the criminal process including accompaniment to the police station, to courts, and to the State Attorney’s office, and provides long-term accompaniment through the civil process (damages claims). The Legal Procedures Coordinator, with the help of volunteers, also accompanies survivors to medical examinations and treatments, and assists in claims to the Israeli National Insurance Institute.

The criminal and civil procedures are long and complex, and the Legal Procedures Coordinator at Ta’ir informs survivors about the stages of each process, and about their rights. This is to allow each survivor to make an informed decision suitable to her/him from a position of knowledge.

The decision whether to file a complaint with the police lies solely with the survivor of rape or sexual assault.

By accompanying survivors through the legal procedures, our goal is to safeguard the rights of each survivor, to guarantee she or he receives the emotional and legal support necessary – from filing a complaint and up to the conclusion of whichever legal process is chosen.

Preliminary call should be made to the Hotline – 1202 / 08-9496020

Legal Procedures Coordinator  – 077-3496019 or police-law@tair1202.org


Ta’ir Rape Crisis Center holds support groups for women who have suffered continuous sexual abuse in childhood, and support groups for women who have suffered sexual assault as adults.

Support groups create a space that invites sharing, belonging, and empathy, which further leads to listening, understanding, and nonjudgement. A support group’s purpose is to provide a safe and protective setting, allowing participants to jointly process the difficult moments of the assault, and to cope together with the trauma. Support groups afford participants an opportunity to significantly process the assault, as well as an opportunity to deal with its ramifications. The power of the group arises from the support and the feelings of belonging granted by the participants to one another, as well as from the support provided by the group facilitators.

Participation in a support group is conditional upon participants’ having been or currently undergoing private therapy sessions. Further, participation is conditional upon an interview that determines compatibility. Each group meets once a week for a number of months, and is led by two professional facilitators, experienced in treating sexual trauma.

For additional information: 1202 / 08-94946020.