Emergency hotline for victims of sexual assault

1202: Women | 1203: Men

04-6566813: Arab Women | 02-6730002: Religious Women | 02-5328000: Religious Men
Open for calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week



Ta’ir Rape Crisis Center (Ta'ir) receives approximately 4,500 calls annually and an average of 3 new cases each day. Our support team meets each year with an average of 300 survivors of rape and sexual assault and their significant others. Annually, we assist hundreds of survivors, and indirectly we influence the lives of thousands of family members, close friends and colleagues of survivors. Sexual violence affects all areas of a survivor’s life – family, career, education, and physical and mental health. Therefore, the support and assistance provided to each survivor has implications for the well-being of his or her close ones.


Over 350 professionals participate annually in trainings and lectures that Ta'ir conducts at dozens of public institutions and civil society organizations in the community, including educators, social workers, therapists, lawyers, doctors, nurses and police investigators. Annually we work to expand the circle of professionals that are familiar with Ta'ir's services, knowing that this acquaintance will increase the number of professionals that turn to us for consultation and guidance regarding cases of sexual violence that they encounter.


In 2014 and 2015 activities of our Education Department increased by 60%. Since the beginning of 2015 over 630 workshops for youth were implemented, incorporating about 4,500 participants in the formal and informal education frameworks in our region. Annually, we meet with hundreds of parents and educators (teachers and school counselors). By exposing more youth to our workshops, and expanding the number of educators and parents who gain tools to build an open dialogue with their children regarding gender and sexual violence, we act to affect teenagers' perceptions of gender and sexuality, influence their behavior, and create a safer environment for all.


In the past year and a half over 1,200 teenagers who participated in our workshops were youth from underprivileged communities. Ta'ir has significantly expanded the number of workshops for this target audience, which entailed a special training for our facilitators, and the development of new lesson-plans. We are continuing to develop and advance education programs for raising awareness and serving underprivileged youth in our region.


Between 2008 and 2013 Ta'ir initiated, developed and implemented the ‘Maor’ program –a new program for identifying and treating children and youth (0 to 18) who have suffered sexual assault. 'Maor' was enabled by the partnership and support of the Fund for Demonstration Projects of the Israeli National Insurance Institute and the Rashi Foundation. Following the initiation and development stages the program became independent, and today is operated by the Ministry of Social Services and Social Affairs. ‘Maor’ provides comprehensive treatment to children who were sexually abused and guidance for their parents. The program further addresses the families and communities in which the sexual assault took place, and conducts awareness raising actions to share knowledge about child sexual abuse warning signs.