Emergency hotline for victims of sexual assault

1202: Women | 1203: Men

04-6566813: Arab Women | 02-6730002: Religious Women | 02-5328000: Religious Men
Open for calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week


Ta’ir operates on limited public funding, grants made by foundations, and contributions of individuals and businesses who have decided to take upon themselves to support our efforts. All these supporters contribute generously, and enable us to continue our important work, and to help the survivors of sexual assault that turn to us every day.


Online through Israel Gives: http://www.israelgives.org/amuta/580320265

Cheque to the order of Ta’ir Rape Crisis Center  - mailed to:

P.O.Box 1273 Rehovot 7611201 Israel

Bank transfer – to Bank Leumi, branch no. 930, account no. 22730000.

For international bank transfer details please send an e-mail to: donation@tair1202.org

For further details please turn to Dr. Nirit Topol – Resource Development Coordinator



Ta’ir Rape Crisis Center is a registered NGO in Israel, no. 580320265, and holds all relevant certificates and approvals, including public institution approval for donations.

Thank You!