Emergency hotline for victims of sexual assault

1202: Women | 1203: Men

04-6566813: Arab Women | 02-6730002: Religious Women | 02-5328000: Religious Men
Open for calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week

ARCCI's Activities

ARCCI works to advance the rights of victims of sexual assault through legislative and regulatory processes – creating new and changing existing policies, deepening the understanding of sexual harassment among decision makers, and implementing discourse through various parliamentary activities.

Legal representation and research on cases concerning sexual abuse and violence is central to ARCCI.

Together with the Standards Institution of Israel (SII) and with the support of the Ministry of the Economy and the Hadassah Foundation, ARCCI is pioneering a new program, which is the first of its kind in Israel. "The Gold Standard" is a Voluntary Code of Ethics to be implemented in a wide variety of companies and organizations to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

Together with the Israeli Democracy Institute and the Women Journalist's Cell, ARCCI created a code of ethics outlining the rules of presenting sexual offenses in the media. Sexual abuse and sexual violence are portrayed in the media as a mirror image of reality. We believe that the publication of any material is part of our right to freedom of speech, and creates a rich and varied public discourse. However, this right needs to be balanced with the obligation to protect victims of sexual offenses, and must take into consideration their age and maturity, as well as physical and emotional development. 

we believe it is important to provide tools to mental health professionals on how to identify and treat incidents of sexual abuse amongst women with psychological disorders.

This project was created out of the necessity to create a safe space, free from sexual violence among members and counselors of the Israeli Scouts. It is important to understand that in Israel there is not a national policy concerning the prevention of sexual violence among youth.