Emergency hotline for victims of sexual assault

1202: Women | 1203: Men

04-6566813: Arab Women | 02-6730002: Religious Women | 02-5328000: Religious Men
Open for calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Demanding Compensation from Social Security

After being sexually abused, you may experience symptoms such as sleep disorders, fear of leaving the house, difficulty concentrating, confusion, anxiety, depression and stress. Sometimes this difficulty is due to the fact that the abuse took place in the victim's place of work.

By filing a claim with Social Security because of damage caused by the sexual abuse you are likely to receive:

  • A one-time/regular monetary allowance.
  • An array of services, if you are found eligible.

Sexual Abuse in the Workplace

  1. Social Security recognizes sexual abuse that has caused mental or physical harm and occurred during work as a work injury with rights to compensation.
  2. Unlike regular workplace accidents, in the case of sexual harassment in the workplace you can submit the complaint up to three years after the incident took place.
  3. There is no prerequisite of filing a report with the police in order to file a claim with Social Security.
  4. There is no requirement to prove loss of earning capacity.
  5. By filing a claim with Social Security for abuse in the workplace you are likely to receive:
    1. Paid sick leave
    2. Injury allowance –as compensation for lost wages.
    3. Disability pension for work
  6. When filing a claim it is important to bring documentation testifying to the connection between the abuse and the injury it has caused.

General Disability Allowance

  1. Social Security credits a monthly allowance to those diagnosed by a specialized medical committee examining mental and/or physical health, because of their disability (physical or mental) there may be a decline in their earning capacity or ability to function at home or at work.
  2. The general disability allowance may give you:
    1. A monthly, temporary or permanent monetary allowance determined according to the percentage of disability and earning capacity after the abuse.

In addition to the allowance you may be eligible to receive additional assistance with rent, discounts on property tax, occupational rehabilitation, financial assistance for studies, etc.