Emergency hotline for victims of sexual assault

1202: Women | 1203: Men

04-6566813: Arab Women | 02-6730002: Religious Women | 02-5328000: Religious Men
Open for calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week


About 40% of the Center’s funding is self-generated via a broad array of grassroots efforts. The Israeli government supplied an additional 33% of our funding. We also continue to reach out to foundations as well as private or corporate donors both in Israel and abroad along with various Federations. 

Self-generated Funding

Throughout the years the Center has heavily invested its time and energy in cultivating a strong grassroots centered approach to fundraising. Our events contribute significantly to maintaining a close personal relationship with various companies, private organizations and private donors. Beyond their importance for our fundraising efforts, the Center also uses each of these events as a platform to raise awareness of the issue of sexual assault in Israel.

Designers Bazaar - Mitlabshot Al Ze

Over 6,000 people attend our yearly designer clothing bazaar. At this annual event, which attracts many bargian hunters who are not connected with the Center, Center staff employed various means to raise awareness regarding sexual assault and the Center’s programming such as speeches, pamphlets, informal discussions etc. Importantly, over 700 community members who are not part of our permanent pool of volunteers help in a wide array of capacities in order to the bazaar run smoothly- from picking up donations to staffing as cashiers on the day of the event. We are so grateful that these community members donate their time and energies to the event and are also pleased that it gave them the opportunity to connect with the Center’s message of sexual assault prevention.  


Benefit Concerts

Our yearly benefit concerts, which feature performances from famous Israeli artists are also heavily attended by people who are not always informed regarding sexual assault issues or the Center’s programming. These events invite our donors to have the opportunity to view the extensive work that the Center undertakes while enjoying themselves in a festive atmosphere together with the Center's staff, volunteers and supporters.



National and Municipal Governmental funding

Through our years of interactions with the Israeli government both on a national and municipal level, we have fostered an enduring connection with various ministries and agencies. The government has come to value our work and has expressed its commitment to the Center in numerous ways, including funding.


Foundations and Federations

The Center continues to appeal to numerous foundations and Federations, both in Israel and abroad, for grant funding. Approximately 24% of our yearly budget comes from foundations and federations.


Private and Corporate donors

The Center is grateful for the support it has received from various private and corporate donors over the years.  

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Our Activities

Activities in Tel-Aviv Sexual Assult Crisis Center.