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Tair was founded in January of 1999.  It is both a support center for victims of sexual violence and an educational center that works toward changing Israeli societal attitudes in the area of sexual violence. Tair serves Israels shfelah (coastal plain) region, covering many cities and towns including Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ramle, Lod, Rehovot, and Kiryat Malachi, as well as the kibbutzim in the "shfelah". Until Tair's founding, victims of sexual violence from the Shfelah region were referred to the Support Centers in Tel Aviv and in Beer Sheva, a situation that made it difficult for the Centers to meet with victims, conduct workshops, distribute information, and work to prevent the phenomenon taking place in the Shfelah region.


Tair provides immediate and comprehensive on-hand support to victims of sexual attacks. The Center staffs a 24-hour emergency telephone line and offers personal counseling to victims of sexual violence. Additionally, and in accordance with the need, and only in cases where the victim so chooses, we also provide escort to hospitals, police stations, and the courts. We also guide them through such governmental agencies as health, social services, education, the military, etc.


As an educational center, Tair conducts programs in order to bring about a change in the way Israeli society views sexual attacks. Our educational work includes: study days, workshops, courses, and lectures for students, teachers, advisors, and people working in the various agencies who come into professional contact with victims of sexual attacks.  We believe that with an increase in awareness we can contribute to a decrease in the phenomenon. We teach the subject of sexual violence not just for its informational content, but also to improve the quality of life for all. 


Our long-term plan is to make our Center truly a regional center for work in the area of sexual harassment and abuse. Our work in the schools is designed to effect social change and to further a way of life that supports equality and mutual respect between the sexes. We envision not only serving the 49 schools in our current educational project, but educating students at all of the 350 schools in our region, as well as all those professionals who work in the area of sexual violence.

Currently, we work out of a nice building in Rehovot that was given to us by the local Municipality. This is where both staff and volunteers sit, where we operate our 24-hour emergency phone hot-line, train our volunteers, facilitate support groups, and carry out all the elements of our work.