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Sexual assault is a widespread phenomenon and is prevalent among all socio-economic segments of society.  Many of the injured women experience a tremendous sense of confusion, shame, and even guilt, guilt for someone else's crime. The Ha'Sharon Rape Crisis Center offers services to the Sharon population 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at no cost to the victim.  These services include an emergency hotline, accompaniment through various processes, and one support groups. 


The Ha'Sharon Crisis Center is an independent, non-profit organization. The Center offers accompaniment for the victims along their difficult journey following the assault, offering both practical and emotional services, and prevention programs in the community.


The Center offers two primary services:


§        Assistance – for victims following sexual assault.  Assistance includes

      a 24-hour hotline for both men and women, accompaniment to the police

      station, court and hospitals, in addition to personal sessions and support


§        Education and information – to prevent sexual assault through educational

      Workshops and seminars.  These activities are offered in schools, work

      places, community centers, army units, along with other institutions. The

      Center also trains professional personnel such as social workers,

      psychologists, researchers, physicians, nurses and counselors.

The Center’s vision is to expand its assistance services to victims from a variety of populations, while working to change society’s attitude toward violence in general and sexual violence in



Sexual violence is a public issue, not a private one. It affects Israeli society as a whole and therefore requires a joint effort to minimize sexual assault.  One can join the fight against sexual violence by donating and/or learning more to become a goodwill advocate against sexual violence in our community.


The Ha'Sharon Rape Crisis Center is supported by private donations, funds and partial financial support from the authorities. The Association abides by the provisions of the Association Act regarding non-profit organizations.  All of the Center’s activities are controlled by a certified accountant.


Donations are welcome and tax-exempt, as per Par. 46a of the Income Tax Act.


For Contributions:

1.      Tax exempt contributions can be sent through the New Israel Fund. Please indicate that the contribution is for the Center.

2.     Rape Crisis Center Ha'Sharon; swift#: POAL-LI-IT 12-661-538542; Bank Hapoalim B.M Ra'anana Branch 112 Achuzaa St. Ra'anana, Israel.