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Nazareth Crisis Center

Our Crisis Center is part of the Women Against Violence (WAV) organization situated in Nazareth. 

The Crisis Center was WAVs first project. It was established in 1992 as the first fully Arabic-speaking crisis hotline in Israel.

Crisis Center Services

Women who call the Crisis Center are not obligated to identify themselves or meet with us. Most approaches, however, are followed up by meetings between the caller and volunteer staff. Hotline volunteers:

Provide moral support and counseling over the telephone;
Advise victims on the options available if they wish to seek help;
Accompany women to the police and help them with police procedures;
Offer legal counseling;
Escort victims to the hospital to press for prompt & adequate care;
If necessary, direct women to one of WAVs shelters.

Volunteer Training and Ongoing Education

The hotline is staffed by volunteers who participate in a five month training course held twice a year. The course raises awareness and gives volunteers the tools to help women living with violence. For continuing education, WAV arranges meetings, lectures, and activities throughout the year. We also strive to network our volunteers with a web of contacts to call on for advice and information.

Crisis Hotline: 04-6566813 or 1202 (nation-wide hotline)