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'Maslan' Rape Crisis Center
About Maslan


Organizational mission: MASLAN- Women support center, was established in 1988 in order to provide support and help in the process of  the rehabilitation of women of all ages and backgrounds, victims of physical and sexual violence. Maslan offers a variety of support services as well as an anti-violence awareness and education network system for the general public, throughout the Negev region.


MASLAN is a registered non-profit and a non-political association, and is  part of "The Israeli association for rape crises centers".


Target population: MASLAN serves the the population in the southern (Negev) region of Israel, in 120 settlements as: Be'er Sheva, Arad, Yerucham, Sderot, Netivot, Ofakim, cooperative settlements, kibbutzim and Bedouin villages.


Why is Maslan unique?

60% of the women who reach us are new immigrants, both from the FSU and from Ethiopia. The culture shock, hardships and confusion associated with the process of  immigration to a new country  often result in cracks in the familly cell and, unfortunately domestic violence. Veteran Israelis and Bedouin women from all over Israel account for the remainder 40%.


Manpower: Maslan's activity is made possible largely thanks to our volunteers - more than 100 women and men  - veterans and new immigrants, Jewish and Arab, religious and non-religious.

Our professional staff all hold part-time posts. The Board is assembled from senior volunteers with no remuneration.


Our vision: We are united in the belief that women should not suffer and live in  fear, alone. We believe that we have the power to change the reality of  women living under the threat of daily violence  in Israel. We will do so by raising awareness, explaining, educating, listening and reaching out for those who need our help and advice.


All Maslan services are given free of charge!

 2007 Annual Report